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Consumer Reports Slams Nutri Bullet 900 Pro Blender

Today I read a Consumer Reports like no other. Consumer Reports slams the blender maker of the Nutri Bullet Pro 900. The report first pointed to the failed durability test. When the Nutri Bullet 900 was used to crush 4 large ice cubes a bit of the blade broke off. This happened with the backup blade as well. The chip of the blade was small enough to be ingested and cause serious damage.

The very polite jabs from Consumer Reports came after contacting the company and getting back a reply that it was not a blender.

Response from the distributor. As we normally do when we find a safety concern with a product, we informed the company, as well as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, of our findings. NutriBullet, LLC, responded by stating that the machine is not a blender or an ice crusher and should not have been subjected to the ice-crush durability test, which we developed years ago after receiving increased consumer complaints about blender durability. The company added that crushing ice with the NutriBullet Pro 900, without the presence of water or other liquid, constituted a misuse of the product.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is indeed marketed as a “superfood nutrition extractor.” Yet major retailers such asAmazon.comBest Buy, and Walmart sell it as a blender, and NutriBullet, LLC itself compares the product to “other blenders” in its owner’s manual. What’s more, an earlier generation of this model has been in ourblender Ratings for several years; it made it through our durability test without any trouble. As for the alleged misuse of the machine to crush ice, nowhere are users given this warning. We think it’s a conceivable use, and in an FAQ on the NutriBullet website, users are even encouraged to add ice to “NutriBlast” recipes because it “will give a slightly thicker consistency and nice chill.” And though many recipes call for water, there’s no explicit warning against using ice without liquid.

Consumer Reports goes on to discuss other recalled blenders from popular makers like Cuisinart, Vitamix and Frigidaire that all had recent recall issues with faulty blades and corrected the problems. Read the whole Consumer Reports article here.

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