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Beware Flame Retardants in Your Baby Products!

We all want to do everything possible to keep our children safe. We use our car seats, even going back to the store to have a knowledgeable salesperson install the seat to avoid possible issues. So having fame retardant chemicals in our nap pads, changing station padding and more just make sense, right?

Wrong! Turns out flame retardant chemicals have been linked to a host of diseases including neurological disorders, low IQ and disruption of thyroid. One blogger went as far as to call some of these new flame retardants the new asbestos.

Claire Moshenberg of Moms Rising offers us some tips to keep our family’s safe. Seems most people don’t die in fire because of flames, but because of smoke inhalation. Well, some of these flame retardants still burst into flames within minutes and then spew 3x the doses of carbon monoxide and other suffocating chemical vapors into the air when lit! It’s important to look beyond the “hype” to the actual ingredients and what they do. Kinda like the BPA-free plastics we’ve all been duped into buying. Guess what? The BPA-free chemicals are worse for you than BPA.

But that’s why we’re here, to give you all the information you need to keep your family safe and within budget.

Read Claire Moshenberg’s full article here. How to Avoid Flame Retardants: Sing at the Sink, Listen to Bears and More

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